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Anyone who offers high-quality solutions regarding the infra in the Netherlands and abroad should act as a reliable and trustworthy organisation where quality, sustainability and safety go hand in hand and are always of high importance. That is why we only employ professionally-trained specialists. Despite the fact that our team is very knowledgeable, you might also get to like them for who they are.

Franka van de Gevel
Franka van de Gevel Operational Director

Getting things done! Setting up flexible and uniform processes and looking beyond the borders of the organization are necessary to provide a good supply chain.

Maurice   Cruijsberg
Maurice Cruijsberg Manager Finance

My passion is to create a healthy balance between work and private life and to conduct a stable financial policy in a structured environment. Sufficient attention for people and the environment should be taken into account while doing so.

Joost  Kuijten
Joost Kuijten Manager Business Development

I get a lot of energy to roll out new opportunities with my colleagues, to explore new markets and to safeguard our existing business.