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ALISA overhead signs

What is ALISA?

ALISA is our Cradle to Cradle certified aluminum blue signage. This dew-resistant system, which is variable in both width (per mm) and height (per 150mm), offers an efficient and easy to install final solution for signposting on highways/roads. In addition, the ALISA system can be combined with displays and rotation lamellas.

Our ALISA overhead signs

ALISA overhead signs have proven themselves to be of true quality, practically, they meet very high quality standards. ALISA overhead signs can be attached to aluminium VICA portals, half-timbered portals and steel tube portals. The sizes of our ALISA products are flexible due to the use of aluminium strips in which the retroreflective foil comes all the way to the edges of the sign. Because of this, the overall picture looks very neat.

Important advantages

  • Maximum flexibility, the size of signs can be determined by our client
  • Easy to install due to light aluminium
  • Fully modular, a kit which will be delivered in parts
  • Good readability, hardly and dew on the signs
  • No need to varnish, the signs have corrosion protection due to oxidation
  • Quick placement
  • Can be combined with the possibility to rotate
  • Cradle to Cradle certified
  • Various support constructions possible:
    • Aluminium VICA portals
    • Craftmanship portals
    • Steel tube portals

Mechanical properties

  • The base material is anodised aluminium
  • Class 3 retroreflective foil
  • Width dimension variable per mm
  • Height dimension  variable per 150 mm
  • Weight of the sign is 14 kg per m2 (excluding construction)
  • Temperature range -30°C to +60°C


  • Lifespan is 25 years
  • Two year warranty (last year descending)


  • Product certification EN 1090-1
  • Managementsysteem certificate ISO 9001
  • Eurocodes
  • VCA+
  • MVO Nederland Partner
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • CO2-Prestatieladder
  • CE