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Aid station luminaires

Auxiliary light fixtures serve as extra emphasis to the emergency stations in a tunnel. The luminaires are continuously illuminated so that the pictograms are always visible.

Important advantages

  • Economical LED lighting with a long lifespan
  • Easy to assemble / maintain with a hinged bracket
  • Electronics are easily accessible at the back of the luminaire in an IP67 junction box
  • The luminaires are equipped with a LED driver

Electrical properties

  • 4 LED modules
  • Consumption 4 x 3.8W = 15.2W

Mechanical properties

  • Material image-plate is polycarbonate
  • Stainless steel housing material
  • Colour is black RAL 9005
  • Potential enhancement of earthing pin on the back of the luminaire


  • Environmental conditions -25°C to +55°C
  • Technical lifespan frame is 20 years
  • Technical lifespan LED at tq  25°C = 50,000 burning hours


  • Hinged front panel


  • Other dimensions on request


  • Product certification EN 1090-1
  • Managementsysteem certificate ISO 9001
  • Eurocodes
  • VCA+
  • MVO Nederland Partner
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • CO2-Prestatieladder
  • CE