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Cradle to cradle

At AGMI Traffic & Lighting, we integrate sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. We highly valuate developing our products in a responsible and safe manner. Moreover, our aim is to design all standard AGMI products in such a way that they are certified with the Cradle to Cradle certificate. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

Smart design

The Cradle to Cradle product certification helps entrepreneurs to design their products more intelligently with the aim of improving quality, reducing environmental and safety costs in the production chain and ensuring good connection of the products within the circular economy. How sustainable are the products that we use and how can we bring these materials back into the economy?

First in sustainability

Three of our standard products have now been certified with the worldwide Cradle to Cradle certificate. In addition, we work with many different suppliers to see if their products fit within our certified product range. By doing so, we continuously monitor how we can work as sustainable as possible regarding all areas of our production process. At AGMI, the concept of sustainability is a verb, a guideline that belongs to the daily standards of everyone member in our organisation.

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