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Anyone who offers high-quality solutions regarding the infra in the Netherlands and abroad should act as a reliable and trustworthy organisation where quality, sustainability and safety go hand in hand and are always of high importance. That is why we only employ professionally-trained specialists. Despite the fact that our team is very knowledgeable, you might also get to like them for who they are.

Twan  Keizer
Twan Keizer Accountmanager

The 4 B’s concept

Working for the Best firm

Performing sports on a race Bike

Making music on a Fender Bass

And for relaxation and conviviality a nice BBQ with family and friends

Dennis  Aerts
Dennis Aerts Accountmanager

I value a long-term relationship and try to create this through openness, honesty and confidential communication. 

Erik  Bosch
Erik Bosch Accountmanager
Marleen  Linssen
Marleen Linssen Sales office staff

Advising customers about our products and services always gives me satisfaction. Especially when I see our products in many places along the road while travelling.

Besides work in the office, I spend a lot of time in nature and have recently obtained my IVN degree to be a nature guide.

Colette  Kulaleen
Colette Kulaleen Sales office staff