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Dynamic Escape Route Indication

The DERI (Dynamic escape route indication) luminaires are used when alternative escape concepts are applied. The escape route usually runs partly through the support tube. The signs indicate the escape route to be followed and is only visible as soon as it is switched on. An extra supporting broadcast message can also be used for evacuation purposes.

Electronical properties

  • 4 – 10 LED modules
  • Max. installed power 38W
  • The junction box (control panel) of the sign is installed in the housing

Mechanical properties

  • Extremely impact-resistant
  • Image-plate material is 5mm of polycarbonate
  • Image-plate is opal shaped which ensures a disappearing effect
  • Electronic components: IP65
  • Housing material: Aluminium


  • Technical lifespan frame is 20 years
  • Technical lifespan LED at tq  25°C = 50,000 burning hours


  • Broadband speaker
  • Junction box with CombiModule


  • Product certification EN 1090-1
  • Managementsysteem certificate ISO 9001
  • Eurocodes
  • VCA+
  • MVO Nederland Partner
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • CO2-Prestatieladder
  • CE