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Leading forward in traffic solutions

AGMI traffic & Lightning is a prominent authority in the field of road signs, signage, support structures and tunnel safety products. For over 70 years, it has been our goal to take the lead in sustainability, quality and safety. Our accumulated expertise enables us to provide innovative solutions using only proven technologies in our products and production processes. 


Capitalising on developments

The world of traffic is constantly changing with new solutions for visual information systems and dynamic signage. Flexibility, knowledge and expertise are hard-wired into AGMI Traffic & Lightning’s DNA, ensuring we can quickly and easily anticipate the changing market requirements.

Smart final products

We prefer to be leading when it comes to new developments, which is why we see ourselves as inventive. This ingenuity is shown in our endeavour to transform existing and proven technologies into a smart final product. For example: we introduced new blue signage made of aluminium, we were the first to introduce LED lighting in the Netherlands in collaboration with ANWB, we have expanded our product range with aluminium overhead support structures and we are the current market leader in tunnel safety products.

We do what we say

At AGMI traffic & lighting we do not just say what we do, but we also do what we say. For this exact reason, we would like to point out to all our clients how sustainability, quality and safety are embedded in our organization. The CO2 performance ladder, CE declarations, Cradle to Cradle certification and the ISO9001 standards are just a few examples of the values that we, as an authority in the field of signage, like to uphold.

The most important link

All employees at AGMI Traffic & Lighting are an indispensable link in the production chain, and we consider every aspect of the organisation to be an essential element to deliver top quality. This keeps us on our toes and continually drives us to keep looking ahead and improve every day.

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