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Leading forward in expertise 

Our skilled and professional project managers are known for their product expertise. They know exactly which legal guidelines our products must meet and ensure that strength calculations, technical questions and permits are always dealt with properly. In addition, they also create a complete delivery file. Besides their extensive product knowledge, timely and correct execution of products is also the responsibility of our project managers. They are able to unburden and support the customer during every step of the process to achieve the desired project result. Where possible, our project managers will always think of solutions and applications that ensure optimal results.

Thanks to our extensive experience with various large projects, we are proud to be a reliable and experienced partner. Our Strength? Highly-qualified project managers with expertise and flexible commitment. Our goal is to realize successful sustainable projects and to ensure client satisfaction.

P+R cluster signs Rotterdam

The development, production and installation of P + R cluster signs, in which the signs are combined with multiple VVX-displays and a text display.


The production and delivery of proven tunnelling safety products for the Spaarndammer tunnel.

Parking system Mechelen (Belgium)

The design, delivery and installation of a parking system for a multi-company building so that it is clear which companies still have vacant parking spaces.

Parking signs stadium VVV-Venlo

The planning, delivery and placement of the signage towards the parking lots of the VVV-Venlo stadium.

P+R signposting and S-numbering Rotterdam

The development, production and delivery of the new P + R signage and S-numbering in Rotterdam, in order for the road users to be aware of the specific amount of available parking spaces at the designated P + R location.

Replacement of rotational panels A28

By changing the speed limit, we have developed, produced and delivered new rotating lamellas with adapted image configuration for 22 rotational locations on the A28.

A9 Gaasperdammerweg IXAS

 We have taken care of the engineering and production of two anti-glare screens (Combined they are over 370M2) so that drivers do not suffer from glare when they leave the Gaasperdammertunnel.

N207 Zuidwestrandweg Gouda

At the Julianasluis in Gouda, we installed an aluminum VICA traffic portal (C2C) with a rotating panel, including flashers to ensure a better flow of traffic when either one of the two locks opens.

Background shields A1

Above the A1 between Muiderberg – Bussum, we have placed a total of 45 new background shields for signalling devices on fourteen traffic support structures.

Koning Willem-Alexandertunnel

In the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel we have placed a total of 85 escape doors, including necessary safety equipment and additional support.


AGMI installed the safety equipment using the National Tunnel Standard (LTS) and required signposting.

Site Alarmering

At the Chemelot site in Geleen, we have developed and delivered an energy-efficient system consisting of 12 rotating panels, 3 traffic signals and 3 matrix boards.